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Often the trouble with HR is you don’t know what you don’t know right? There are only so many hours in a week and as a business owner regardless of your industry, you want to focus on growth and being able to help more customers. The trouble is that not putting in place the right processes to manage your employment risks is not only going to hold you back it may force you to close it down. Clients who invest in an HR Partner package implement a “set menu” of HR practices including onboarding documentation, policies and compliance checks, workforce planning exercises as well as having to access unlimited virtual support for a period of time. There are three levels of HR Partner packages which are:

HR Builder- ideal for startups, micro-businesses and those employing team members for the first time.

HR Consolidate- ideal for small and medium-sized businesses dealing with growing pains, navigating change and wanting to ensure that they are meeting their obligations under ever-changing workplace legislation.

HR Ascend- ideal for medium and larger organizations looking to create a competitive advantage by developing leaders from within and build inspiring workplaces.

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We aim to guide our clients through the processes of sourcing, selecting and integrating to ensure they on board the right staff in a way that ensures they hit the ground running.

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