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Identifying potential potholes, before they become a problem.

Quick, professional, and discreet, our HR Audits are an essential first step in productive management. ShapeHR Audits are an independently lead, in-depth, multidimensional evaluation that provides you with a deeper understanding of the intricacies within your business that may have been forgotten in day-to-day trading. This includes current policies & procedures, training & development, and health & safety--as well as morals & motivation, job design, and much more. 

By gaining insight into your existing HR protocol, workplace culture, and internal processes, we can repair newly identified weak spots and prevent potential future losses. Workforce planning and reevaluating your employee strategy can build a stronger business foundation and remotivate your team towards a common goal and a higher return. 

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We aim to guide our clients through the processes of sourcing, selecting and integrating to ensure they on board the right staff in a way that ensures they hit the ground running.

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