The Christmas Spirit at Work

Cameron Shepherd
September 24, 2021

The Christmas Spirit at Work

There is a lot of guidance for people about the what to do and not to do around this time in order to avoid getting fired but far less about how individuals can channel the goodwill and positive energy typically associated with this time of year.

Below are some simple ideas to promote some joy in the workplace where time and commitment are really the only costs:

1. Tell a colleague about one thing that you are grateful for in them.

This could be strength, something that they do without thinking about or the way that they do something. This works really well when it is something that is something that distinguishes them from others.

2. Reflect on and then Thank all those who have contributed to your success for the year

this best done face to face but if that is impractical make sure you personalise the message and be very specific about how each person has helped you.

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3. Ask someone to share an item on their bucket list

(Providing it doesn’t present a conflict of interest!) find out any ways you can help them achieve that- an introduction to someone who could help, some coaching or mentoring or where permitted by granting time to start or complete something.

4. Offer to show someone something that you’ve learned that they have been wanting to learn.

The key phrase is that they have been wanting to learn. This isn’t about task dumping or something that suits you.

5. (This won’t work for every situation) Let someone chose a day to take an early mark and do what they need want to do to prepare for the holiday period

Along with the joy of this time of year comes the considerable stress of things to organise and pay for. This option is not the same as finishing up early along with every other employee which devalues the significance for that individual.

What things do you practice at work at this time of year to channel the season’s positive energy?

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